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Dr. Rhett Gunderson


Dr. Rhett Gunderson has been a resident of the Roscoe/Rockton area his entire life. He attended Hononegah High School where he played soccer, basketball, and tennis. After graduating from Hononegah he attended Rock Valley College where he continued his tennis career and began his undergraduate studies. By attending Rock Valley College year-round, he finished his pre-requisites for Chiropractic college a semester early and enrolled at Palmer College of Chiropractic in March of 2007 as the youngest student in his class.

As a student at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Rhett began learning the Gonstead Technique as early as his first trimester by joining the Palmer Gonstead Technique Club. His father and brother had informed him that adjusting the spine is a learned skill that comes with years of practice, and he knew he wanted to start adjusting as early as possible. He spent his first five trimesters at Palmer as a pupil of the Gonstead Club learning x-ray analysis, static and motion palpation, instrumentation, and most importantly practicing the skill of adjusting. During his 6th trimester he went through a trimester-long program that prepared him to teach the younger students the Gonstead Technique. He then became an Executive Member of the Gonstead Club and taught the Gonstead System to the younger students for the rest of his Palmer tenure while acting as the club secretary.

In October of 2009, Dr. Rhett had the privilege to travel to Hyderabad, India as part of the Clinic Abroad Program that Palmer provides to select students. In India, he adjusted approximately 200 underprivileged patients who could not afford the standard health care in India. Dr. Rhett adjusted children at a school in Hyderabad, as well as adult patients in an Indian hospital. Chiropractic is not available to the citizens of India, so explaining the philosophy of Chiropractic (through a translator) and seeing the positive results in patients was very gratifying. He was also able to explore the culture of India, visiting a few tourist spots, but his trip was highlighted by a trip to the Taj Mahal.

Dr. Rhett finished his Palmer Clinic requirements a semester early which allowed him to intern at Gunderson Clinic under his brother, Dr. Jeremy. During that time he studied both Dr. Dwight and Dr. Jeremy in the clinic, while seeing patients of his own. In June 2010 Dr. Rhett completed his three month internship and returned to Davenport, IA for his graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic. After a few short weeks, the state of Illinois granted Rhett his license and he joined the family practice at Gunderson Clinic in July 2010.

Rhett still enjoys playing soccer, basketball, and tennis. He also plays golf and you can find him at the local courses or spending time with his family and friends.

Dr. Rhett continues to attend Gonstead Seminars, advancing his knowledge of health and Chiropractic.


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