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Dr. Jeremy Gunderson


Dr. Jeremy Gunderson grew up in Roscoe, IL and graduated from Hononegah High School in 1996. He played soccer, basketball, and tennis all four years there. From 1996-1998, He attended Rock Valley Community College year round. While acquiring the necessary pre-requisites, he played basketball and tennis for RVC. He then attended Palmer College of Chiropractic from the summer of 1998 until he graduated in October of 2001. After waiting a month on the state, He finally received his license as an official Doctor of Chiropractic.

During his 9th trimester, Jeremy traveled to Montana with a group of 22 other students and five field doctors. For three days, they stayed with a family of Native Americans on their farm in teepees. The group was allowed to set up a tent in their town pow wow and educate them on the benefits of Chiropractic. They were also given permission to do Orthopedic and Neurological exams on them to determine if they needed Chiropractic care. If they did, they received an adjustment. It also gave Dr. Jeremy and his group a chance to experience their culture and beliefs.

Dr. Jeremy was fortunate enough to finish his requirements early, thus allowing him to intern or precept during his last trimester. Dr. Jeremy took advantage of this since Illinois allowed Precept Doctors to do a consultation, an exam, x-rays, and adjust. During the summer of 2001, Jeremy interned with his father here at the Gunderson Clinic.

Through the last two years at Palmer, he attended different Chiropractic technique clubs to determine if he wanted to use the Gonstead Method like his father, or if he wanted to use something more new-age. After receiving the basic info about each technique, and then getting an adjustment by that particular method, nothing impressed Dr. Jeremy more than the Gonstead Technique.

Nothing made more sense, nothing was as specific or as scientific, and nothing felt as comfortable as a Gonstead adjustment.

This is why Dr. Jeremy would only refer his own family or friends to a Chiropractor who practices the Gonstead Technique. If He is not available to take care of his family and friends, then he knows that a doctor who practices the Gonstead Technique would give them the care that they need. Most other techniques were manipulations, not specific adjusting. Like Dr. Gonstead always said, "Find the problem, fix it, and leave it alone."

Since 1999, Dr. Jeremy has attended 2-3 Gonstead Seminars per year. This allows him to keep up on his adjusting skills and on the latest research.

In the fall of 2001, Jeremy began his coaching career in basketball and soccer. He assisted all three levels of the Hononegah High School soccer team as a volunteer coach where he earned his E coaches license in 2003 and also his National D license in 2004.

Recently, Dr. Jeremy has put his soccer coaching career on hold, (due to his growing family responsibilities) but he is looking forward to getting back into it once his children are old enough and interested enough to play.

Dr. Jeremy also volunteered to assist the sophomore boys basketball team. He did this for three years until it was time to start a family.

Jeremy is also very excited about the opportunity he has had to be teaching Sunday School at his church since 2012.

Jeremy married his wife Tara in Dec. of 2003 and in January of 2005, their first daughter Brynn was born. Then, in October of 2007 their second daughter Kate was born. Jeremy and Tara's third daughter Reese was born in July of 2009. In January of 2015, Jeremy and Tara had their son Bryce.

Dr. Jeremy and his family reside in South Beloit, IL.


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