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Dr. Dwight Gunderson


Dr. Dwight Gunderson graduated from Hononegah High School in 1970. For the next two years, Dwight obtained his pre-requisite work from Rock Valley Community College. While in his second quarter at Palmer College of Chiropractic, he married Deborah. By the time Dwight graduated from Palmer in October of 1975, he had already taken 15 Gonstead Seminars. Once he obtained his license in the state of California in 1975, Dr. Gunderson began practicing in Walnut Creek with his uncle Dr. Dave Hagan until June of 1976. In November of 1975, he acquired licenses from Illinois and Wisconsin. He arrived in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with a license in June of 1976 only to practice for 2 months. He took over Dr. Herndon's office and was considering buying it, but decided that Rockton was where he wanted to be. It was at that time Dr. Dwight decided to open his practice in Rockton, Illinois. He opened at 699 S. Blackhawk Blvd. in April of 1977. He then began to attend x-ray technique and management seminars (mostly in Mt. Horeb, WI from Dr. Clarence Gonstead) for the next few years. Dr. Gunderson has attended over 80 Gonstead Seminars since. Eleven of those seminars were when Dr. Gonstead was still alive. One of Dwight's first instructors, Dr. Ray Clinton, is to this day still one of his very close friends and golfing partner. He attributes much of his success and knowledge to Dr. Ray.

Dwight and Deborah's first son Jeremy was born in Jan. of 1978, and their daughter Brandy in Aug. of 1979. The Gunderson's youngest son Rhett was born in Aug. of 1986.

Dwight started elk hunting in Montana in October of 1979, then became a part owner of the Bartlett Creek Outfitters in 1982. For the past 24 years he has trailered mules out west on different hunting expeditions (mostly for elk).

In November of 1984, Dr. Gunderson added two adjustment rooms onto the original clinic.

In November, 2001 Dr. Gunderson's son Jeremy joined the practice and Jeremy married Tara in December of 2003. Brandy married Kent in June of 2004. His granddaughters Brynn (Jan. 2005), Kate (Oct. 2007) and Reese (July 2009) were born to Jeremy and Tara, while Haley (May 2005) and Sydney (Oct. 2007) were born to Brandy and Kent. Rhett began Palmer College of Chiropractic in March of 2007.

For several years Dr. Gunderson has put on seminars for students in the Gonstead Club. Many have shadowed him through his office. He has always prided himself in practicing the Gonstead Technique for the last 32 years. No other additive therapy needed to be included in his office, because nothing does as much for the patient as does the adjustment. Dr. Gunderson has always wanted to practice it the way the Palmer's from Palmer College and Dr. Gonstead meant for it to be practiced from its conception.

In November of 2007, the new Gunderson Clinic of Chiropractic opened at 506 S. Blackhawk Blvd. He's still practicing "hands only" Gonstead adjusting and nothing else.


Clinic of Chiropractic
506 S. Blackhawk Blvd.
Rockton, IL 61072


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